Contact Us

Knit and Needle is nestled in Old Town, a very walkable neighborhood of fine restaurants, galleries, museum, coffee shops, even a doggie day care – come spend the day!

You can reach us via email at or drop by if you’re in the area.

We are open for lite shopping starting February 27, Tueday, Friday and – Saturday from 12 – 4, but open Monday – Saturday for community needlin’ starting Monday January 20!

Community needlin’ is our primary reason for existence. Anyone can come and “needle” Monday thru Saturday for a moderate drop-in fee. Frequent visitors have more economic options. Fees are as follows:

  • 2020 Introductory Special, Drop-In Fee: (your 1st visit is free!) $5
  • Seasonal Membership: $500 for 5 consecutive months
  • Annual Membership: $900

Membership dues are payable via cash, Paypal to scottie@knit-and–, or check payable to Knit-and-Needle.